Discovery of Atlantis
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Discovery of Atlantis: The Startling Case for the Island of Cyprus

Atlantis is sometimes referred to as the oldest science fiction tale in existence. Only those who are unfamiliar with the ancient world, however, can think that it was only a myth because to the ancients it was not only real history, but a legend so important that their entire civilizations practically revolved around it. One thing is clear: to the ancients, the story of Atlantis was fact, not fiction. The legend of Atlantis made its way to the West through the works of Plato about 2,400 years ago, but this story is actually much older. Roughly 2,600 years ago, the Greek statesman, Solon (known as the “father of democracy”), traveled to Egypt and met with the high priests of the land. Read more...

"Then listen, Socrates, to a strange tale, which is, however, certainly true"

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